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2016Dynamic self-referencing approach to whispering gallery mode biosensing and its application to measurement within undiluted serumReynolds, T.; François, A.; Riesen, N.; Turvey, M.; Nicholls, S.; Hoffmann, P.; Monro, T.
2013Dynamic wind turbine output power reduction under varying wind speed conditions due to inertiaTang, C.; Soong, W.; Freere, P.; Pathmanathan, M.; Ertugrul, N.
2000Dynamical symmetry breaking in the sea of the nucleonThomas, A.; Melnitchouk, W.; Steffens, F.
2003Dynamical systems approach to space and astrophysical turbulenceChian, A.; Borotto, F.; Rempel, E.
2003Dynamical systems approach to space environment turbulenceChian, A.; Borotto, F.; Rempel, E.; Macau, E.; Rosa, R.; Christiansen, F.
2011Dynamically expanding choice-table approach to genetic algorithm optimization of water distribution systemsZheng, F.; Simpson, A.; Zecchin, A.
2017Dynamics of a single-atom electron pumpvan der Heijden, J.; Tettamanzi, G.; Rogge, S.
2000Dynamics of competition between collectivity and noise in the stock marketDrozdz, S.; Grummer, F.; Gorski, A. Z.; Ruf, F.; Speth, J.
1998Dynamics of light antiquarks in the protonMelnitchouk, W.; Speth, J.; Thomas, A.
2002Dynamics of pleistocene population extinctions in beringian brown bearsBarnes, I.; Matheus, P.; Shapiro, B.; Jensen, D.; Cooper, A.
2009Dynamics of range margins for metapopulations under climate changeAnderson, B.; Akcakaya, H.; Araujo, M.; Fordham, D.; Martinez-Meyer, E.; Thuiller, W.; Brook, B.
2014Dynamics of the South Australian registered passenger vehicle fleetPonte, G.; Anderson, R.; Kloeden, C.; Lydon, M.; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA)
2006Dynamics of two delay coupled van der Pol oscillatorsLi, X.; Ji, J.; Hansen, C.
2011Dynamism in molecular chaperonesCarver, J.
2008E+S=DM: using science to teach social science and build critical thinking skillsNursey-Bray, M.; Teaching Matters Conference (6th : 2007 : Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
2011E-catalogs: how can brain hemisphericity relate to online shoppers' preferences?Abdullah, A.; Hossain, M.; Joham, C.
2009Earliest orchid macrofossils: Early Miocene Dendrobium and Earina (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) from New ZealandConran, J.; Bannister, J.; Lee, D.
2003Early allelic selection in maize as revealed by ancient DNAJaenicke-Despres, V.; Buckler, E.; Smith, B.; Gilbert, M.; Cooper, A.; Doebley, J.; Paabo, S.
2008Early Cambrian Arthropods from the Emu Bay Shale Lagerstätte, South AustraliaPaterson, J.; Jago, J.; Gehling, J.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Edgecombe, G.; Lee, M.; International Trilobite Conference (4th : 2008 : Toledo, Spain)
2011Early Cambrian metazoans in fluvial environments, evidence of the non-marine Cambrian radiationKennedy, M.; Droser, M.