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2003Broken bar detection in induction motors using current and flux spectral analysisSiau, J.; Graff, A.; Soong, W.; Ertugrul, N.; Duke, R.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (13th : 2003 : Christchurch, New Zealand)
2004Broken bar detection in induction motors using current and flux spectral analysisSiau, J.; Graff, A.; Soong, W.; Ertugrul, N.
2002Broken Hill 1:100,000 regolith-landform map: development, features and applicationsHill, Steven Matthew
2005Broken rotor bar fault detection in induction motors using starting current analysisSupangat, R.; Ertugrul, N.; Soong, W.; Gray, D.; Hansen, C.; Grieger, J.; Lorenz, L.; European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (11th : 2005 : Dresden, Germany)
2010Budgeting for Change: Gender Budgets and Sexual and Reproductive HealthBarnett, Kate; Costa, Monica; Ranasinghe, Rasika; Spoehr, John
2012Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) as an invader and threat to biodiversity in arid environments: A reviewMarshall, V.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.
2012Building a model to investigate the effect of varying ambient air temperature on air-cooled organic Rankine cycle plant performanceVarney, J.; Bean, N.; Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (5th : 2012 : Sydney, Australia)
2011Building a solid partnership: the journey so farLange, J.; Paxton, P.; Papagiannis, G.; Burgoyne, G.
2017Building biogenic beachrock: visualizing microbially-mediated carbonate cement precipitation using XFM and a strontium tracerMcCutcheon, J.; Nothdurft, L.; Webb, G.; Shuster, J.; Nothdurft, L.; Paterson, D.; Southam, G.
2012Building blocks for coordination polymers: self-assembled cleft-like and planar discrete metallo-macrocyclic complexesAbdul Kadir, M.; Hanton, L.; Sumby, C.
2004Building blocks for cyclotriveratrylene-based coordination networksHardie, M.; Mills, R.; Sumby, C.
2010Building Bridges: Perspectives of Rehabilitation and Return to Work CoordinatorsBarnett, Kate; Chiveralls, Keri; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Katterl, Rachel; Spoehr, John
2011Building evolutionary resilience for conserving biodiversity under climate changeSgro, C.; Lowe, A.; Hoffmann, A.
2017Building ex ante resilience of disaster-exposed mountain communities: drawing insights from the Nepal earthquake recoveryMishra, A.; Ghate, R.; Maharjan, A.; Gurung, J.; Pathak, G.; Upraity, A.N.
2012Building gene co-expression networks using transcriptomics data for systems biology investigations: comparison of methods using microarray dataKadarmideen, H.; Watson-Haigh, N.
2014Building Information Modeling (BIM) for existing buildings - literature review and future needsVolk, R.; Stengel, J.; Schultmann, F.
2014Building jobs: Renewal SA's Works Program at Playford AlivePerrett, Robert; Spoehr, John
2012Building new houses in remote Indigenous communitiesDavidson, J.; Go-Sam, C.; Memmott, P.; Grant, E.
2000Building Partnerships - Proceedings of the 2000 Joint Conference on Water Resources Engineering and Water Resources Planning & ManagementDandy, Graeme Clyde; Hewitson, Christopher Michael
2014Building the foundation: Annual evaluation report of the Stretton CentreBukva, Lilly; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Spoehr, John