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2021Lactic acid bacteria in wine: technological advances and evaluation of their functional roleVirdis, C.; Sumby, K.; Bartowsky, E.; Jiranek, V.
2021Bone need not remain an elephant in the room for radiocarbon datingHerrando-Pérez, S.
2021Temperate southern Australian coastal waters are characterised by surprisingly high rates of nitrogen fixation and diversity of diazotrophsMesser, L.F.; Brown, M.V.; Van Ruth, P.D.; Doubell, M.; Seymour, J.R.
2021Long-term thermal acclimation drives adaptive physiological adjustments of a marine gastropod to reduce sensitivity to climate changeLeung, J.Y.S.; Russell, B.D.; Coleman, M.A.; Kelaher, B.P.; Connell, S.D.
2021Counterfeit formulations: analytical perspective on anorecticsBonsu, D.O.M.; Afoakwah, C.; Aguilar-Caballos, M.D.L.P.
2021The population status of southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons). II. Landscape factors affecting distribution and abundanceSwinbourne, M.; Taggart, D.; Ostendorf, B.
2021The population status of southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons). I. Distribution and abundanceSwinbourne, M.; Taggart, D.; Ostendorf, B.
2021Natural CO₂ seeps reveal adaptive potential to ocean acidification in fishPetit‐Marty, N.; Nagelkerken, I.; Connell, S.D.; Schunter, C.
2021Evaluation of the efficiency of Isohelix™ and Rayon swabs for recovery of DNA from metal surfacesBonsu, D.O.M.; Higgins, D.; Henry, J.; Austin, J.J.
2021Preferential coupling of diamond NV centres in step-index fibresLi, S.; Bai, D.; Capelli, M.; Sun, Q.; Shahraam Afshar, V.; Simpson, D.A.; Foster, S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Gibson, B.C.; Greentree, A.D.
2021Novel species interactions and environmental conditions reduce foraging competency at the temperate range edge of a range-extending coral reef fishConi, E.O.C.; Booth, D.J.; Nagelkerken, I.
2021Dire wolves were the last of an ancient New World canid lineagePerri, A.R.; Mitchell, K.J.; Mouton, A.; Álvarez-Carretero, S.; Hulme-Beaman, A.; Haile, J.; Jamieson, A.; Meachen, J.; Lin, A.T.; Schubert, B.W.; Ameen, C.; Antipina, E.E.; Bover, P.; Brace, S.; Carmagnini, A.; Carøe, C.; Samaniego Castruita, J.A.; Chatters, J.C.; Dobney, K.; Dos Reis, M.; et al.
2021Occupational heat stress and economic burden: a review of global evidenceBorg, M.A.; Xiang, J.; Anikeeva, O.; Pisaniello, D.; Hansen, A.; Zander, K.; Dear, K.; Sim, M.R.; Bi, P.
2021Repairing recruitment processes with sound technology to accelerate habitat restorationWilliams, B.R.; McAfee, D.; Connell, S.D.
2021Reducing scattered light in LIGO's third observing runSoni, S.; Austin, C.; Effler, A.; Schofield, R.M.S.; Gonzalez, G.; Frolov, V.V.; Driggers, J.C.; Pele, A.; Urban, A.L.; Valdes, G.; Abbott, R.; Adams, C.; Adhikari, R.X.; Ananyeva, A.; Appert, S.; Arai, K.; Areeda, J.S.; Asali, Y.; Aston, S.M.; Baer, A.M.; et al.
2021Yb³⁺ and Er³⁺ codoped BaLiF₃ nanocrystals for X-ray dosimetry and imaging by upconversion luminescenceChowdhury, N.; Riesen, N.; Riesen, H.
2021Ocean acidification may slow the pace of tropicalization of temperate fish communitiesConi, E.O.C.; Nagelkerken, I.; Ferreira, C.M.; Connell, S.D.; Booth, D.J.
2021A review of wine authentication using spectroscopic approaches in combination with chemometricsRanaweera, R.K.R.; Capone, D.L.; Bastian, S.E.P.; Cozzolino, D.; Jeffery, D.W.
2021Spectrofluorometric analysis combined with machine learning for geographical and varietal authentication, and prediction of phenolic compound concentrations in red wineRanaweera, R.K.R.; Gilmore, A.M.; Capone, D.L.; Bastian, S.E.P.; Jeffery, D.W.
2021The ubiquitin ligase NEDD4-2/NEDD4L regulates both sodium homeostasis and fibrotic signaling to prevent end-stage renal diseaseManning, J.A.; Shah, S.S.; Nikolic, A.; Henshall, T.L.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Kumar, S.