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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Obligatory intertextuality and proscribed plagiarism: Intersections and contradictions for research writingEira, C.
2006Make meaning of the assessment. Engaging teaching staff with an analysis of their assessment resultsCrisp, G.; Palmer, E.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (29th : 2006 : University of Western Australia)
2006Higher Education response to Stage 1 of the Learning and Teaching Performance FundPalmer, E.; Crisp, G.; Evaluation Forum (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006Assessment as a key learning and teaching tool: A case study using a Business Communications courseSingh, N.; Palmer, E.; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006Evaluating a newly developed Business Communications CoursePalmer, E.; Singh, N.; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006Adapting to a changing environment: Improving the performance of evaluation servicesPalmer, E.; Evaluations and Assessment Conference (2006 : Bentley, Western Australia)
2006From prefixes to suffixes: Typological change in Northern AustraliaHarvey, M.; Green, I.; Nordlinger, R.
2006Getting research published in English: Towards a curriculum design model for developing skills and enhancing outcomesCargill, M.; O'Connor, P.
2006Speaking for our selves: Teachers challenging issues of identity in English language teachingCadman, K.; O'Regan, K.
2006Teaching English as a foreign language in China: Reflections on the relevance of identity issuesCargill, M.