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2002Synthesis of [n]polynorbornanes with differing edge substitution: a new class of regioselectively addressable frameworkPfeffer, F.; Russell, R.
2002The First Year Experience ProjectEllis, Ninette
2002Why collaborate? Initiatives for improving participation and completion for students with a disability in South AustraliaNoble, A. E.; Mullins, G. P.
2002Metaphors in the media: Helping ESL students to overcome barriers to understanding media textsMcGowan, U.
2002Staff development: A lever for quality assurance?Naidoo, K.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (25th : 2002 : Perth, WA)
2002Synthesis and preliminary analytical evaluation of the chemiluminescence from (4-[4-(dichloromethylsilanyl)-butyl]-4'-methyl-2 2'-bipyridyl)bis(2 2'-bipyridyl))ruthenium(II) covalently bonded to silica particlesBarnett, N.; Bos, R.; Brand, H.; Jones, P.; Lim, K.; Purcell, S.; Russell, R.
2002Is the story on my face? : Intertextual conflicts during teacher-class interactions around texts in early grade classroomsHarris, P.; Trezise, J.; Winser, W.
2002Recounting mathematical experiences: Emotions in mathematics learningIngleton, C.; O'Regan, K.
2002'It's a PhD, not a Nobel Prize': how experienced examiners assess research thesesMullins, G. P.; Kiley, Margaret Mary
2002A model for the implementation and sustainability of a course management system in a research universityCrisp, Geoffrey Thomas; Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. Conference (19th : 2002 : Auckland, New Zealand); ASCILITE 2002