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2013Machining and tool wear mechanisms during machining titanium alloysPramanik, A.; Islam, M.; Basak, A.; Littlefair, G.
2006Macquarie WordGenius Reference Library [Book Review]Miller, J.
2006Make meaning of the assessment. Engaging teaching staff with an analysis of their assessment resultsCrisp, G.; Palmer, E.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (29th : 2006 : University of Western Australia)
2003Mapping academic programs with ProgramMapRoberts, I.; Shannon, S.; Radford, A.; Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. Conference (20th : 2003 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1997Metaphor and congruence in the media: Barriers for international students of economics and commerceMcGowan, U.
2002Metaphors in the media: Helping ESL students to overcome barriers to understanding media textsMcGowan, U.
1996Microfibril-associated glycoprotein-1 (MAGP-1) is specifically located on the beads of the beaded-filament structure for fibrillin-containing microfibrils as visualized by the rotary shadowing techniqueHenderson, M.; Polewski, R.; Fanning, J.; Gibson, M.
2011Mobile engagement: phone voting in large lecturesHabel, C.; Stubbs, M.; Festival of Learning and Teaching (2011 : Adelaide)
2002A model for the implementation and sustainability of a course management system in a research universityCrisp, Geoffrey Thomas; Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. Conference (19th : 2002 : Auckland, New Zealand); ASCILITE 2002
2011A model of researcher education that facilitates international research collaboration and internationalization of the curriculumRussell, R.; Picard, M.; Academic Consortium 21 International Forum (5th : 2010 : Shanghai)
2004Modelling success: enhancing international postgraduate research students' self-efficacy for research seminar presentationsAdams, K.
2007Molecular recognition of DNA by rigid [n]-polynorbornane-derived bifunctional intercalators: Synthesis and evaluation of their binding propertiesVan Vliet, L.; Ellis, T.; Foley, P.; Liu, L.; Pfeffer, F.; Russell, R.; Warrener, R.; Hollfelder, F.; Waring, M.
2005Most of ESL students have trouble with the articlesMiller, J.
2005Mutual reflections on a professional dialogue in academic development: Framing the inquiry the personal-professional nexus and educational tensionsRuth, D.; Naidoo, K.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (28th : 2005 : Sydney, Australia)
2009MyMedia student evaluation 2009Hall, Dayle
2007MyMedia: Audio and video recording of lectures for MyUni: Staff and student evaluation Semester II, 2006Hall, Dayle
2015Nanostructured gradient Co-Sn electrodeposits as alternative to Sn connector contactsGeorgiou, E.P.; Buijnsters, J.G.; Wang, H.; Drees, D.; Basak, A.K.; Celis, J.P.
2004No end in sight: information skills for academics and researchersWhite, B.; Gendall, R.; Naidoo, K.; International Lifelong Learning Conference (3rd : 13 - 16 June 2004 : Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia)
2009No jam for the wicked: do all English speakers understand and use the same idioms?Miller, J.
2006Obligatory intertextuality and proscribed plagiarism: Intersections and contradictions for research writingEira, C.