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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The impact of a research vignette on my metaphorical understandingsWillison, J.
2005Impact of student support services and academic development programmes on student outcomes in undergraduate tertiary study: a synthesis of the researchPrebble, Tom; Hargraves, Helen; Leach, Linda; Naidoo, Kogilam; Suddaby, Gordon; Zepke, Nick
2001The impact of training and education in Indonesian aid schemesCannon, Robert Anthony
2012Inclusion-localised crystal-plasticity, dynamic porosity, and fast-diffusion pathway generation in zirconTimms, N.; Reddy, S.; John, D.; Green, L.; Muhling, J.
2007Incorporating the development of research skills into level I undergraduate human biology coursesPeirce, E.; Ricci, M.; Willison, J.; O'Regan, K.; Teaching and ResearchMaking the Connections in Health Sciences, Health Sciences conference (08 Nov 2007 : University of South Australia)
2005Influence of polymer functional group architecture on titania pigment dispersionFarrokhpay, Saeed; Morris, G.; Fornasiero, Daniel; Self, Peter Geoffrey
2004Information empowers but who is empowered?Kealley, D.; Smith, C.; Winser, W.
1996An Integrated Bridging Program for International Postgraduate StudentsCargill, M.
2008Integrated research reporting - getting off the ground into ORBITJewell, R.; Australasian Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum (2008 : Canberra)
2012Integrative assessment: reframing assessment practice for current and future learningCrisp, Geoffrey Thomas
2006Interactive e-assessmentsCrisp, G.; EDU-COM 2006 (2006 : Khon Kaen University, Thailand)
2006Interactive Learning with the iPodPalmer, E.; Devitt, P.; Effective Teaching and Learning Conference (2006 : St. Lucia, Queensland)
2000Intercultural postgraduate supervision meetings: an exploratory discourse studyCargill, M.
2008International Students: A conceptual framework for dealing with unintentional plagiarism.McGowan, U.
2007Internationalisation of the Curriculum: meeting the challenge of student diversity.McGowan, U.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (30th : 2007 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2006An investigation into the effect of English learners? dictionaries on international students' acquisition of the English article systemMiller, J.
2008Irish roots, Australian rhizomes: ancestry and diasporic cultural identity in the works of Thomas Keneally and Christopher KochHabel, C.
2002Is the story on my face? : Intertextual conflicts during teacher-class interactions around texts in early grade classroomsHarris, P.; Trezise, J.; Winser, W.
2002'It's a PhD, not a Nobel Prize': how experienced examiners assess research thesesMullins, G. P.; Kiley, Margaret Mary
2017Joining of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites and aluminium alloys - a reviewPramanik, A.; Basak, A.; Dong, Y.; Sarker, P.; Uddin, M.; Littlefair, G.; Dixit, A.; Chattopadhyaya, S.