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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004The Daly River language area: inheritance, diffusion, and driftGreen, Ian
2018Deformation of electrodeposited gradient Co/Sn multilayered coatings under micro-pillar compressionKurdi, A.; Basak, A.
2006Density changes around phosphorus granules and fluid bands in a calcareous soilHettiarachchi, G.; Lombi, E.; McLaughlin, M.; Chittleborough, D.; Self, P.
2009Designing and using e-assessmentsCrisp, Geoffrey Thomas
1995Developing preservice teachers' pedagogical reasoning abilityPeterson, Raymond Frederick; Treagust, David F.
2000Development and implementation of a national curriculum for postgraduate general practice trainingKiley, M.; Peterson, R.; Mullins, G.; Wellard, R.
2010Development of all students' research skill becomes a knowledge societyWillison, J.
1995The development,trial and evaluation of a constructiviust teaching and learning approach in a preservice science teacher education programHand, Brian; Peterson, Raymond Frederick
1995Disability Issues in Higher Education: the more things change?Noble, A.
1995Disability Issues in Higher Education: the more things change?Noble, A.
1999Discipline-related Models for a Structured Program at the Commencement of a PhDKiley, Margaret Mary; Liljegren, David Roland
2005Divine Discourse: Plagiarism, hybridity and epistemological racism.Cadman, K.; International Conference on Language, Education & Diversity (1st : 2003 : University of Waikato)
2007Dodging the Damocletian sword of academic oral presentationsMiller, J.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (30th : 2007 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2005Does educational integrity mean teaching students NOT to 'use their own words'?McGowan, U.
2003Does the computer add anything to a tutorial?Devitt, P.; Palmer, E.; De Young, N.; Association for Medical Education in Europe Conference (2003 : Bern, Switzerland)
2009Doing it the Wimba way - an initial evaluation of a voice tool for learningWarner, R.
2007The e-assessment handbookCrisp, G.
2006E-MediciDevitt, Peter Geoffrey; Palmer, Edward John
2000Editorial: Tying off a few knotsMullins, Gerald Patrick; Kiley, Margaret Mary
2005Educational integrity: A strategic approach to anti-plagiarismMcGowan, U.; Asia-Pacific Educational Integrity Conference (2nd : 2005 : Newcastle, Australia)