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2017Being First in Family: motivations and metaphorsLuzeckyj, A.; McCann, B.; Graham, C.; King, S.; McCann, J.
2011Blended learning approaches to practical teaching in pharmacology: the best of both worlds?Smid, S.; Salem, A.; Musgrave, I.; ERGA Conference (6th : 2011 : Adelaide, Australia)
2004Breeding system in a population of Trigonella balansae (Leguminosae)Nair, R.; Dundas, I.; Blesing, M.; Verlin, D.; Waterhouse, L.; Dowling, K.
2001Broadening the context for teaching evaluationCannon, Robert Anthony
2009Cambridge advanced learners dictionary, Third Edition [Book review]Miller, J.
2003Cell death in LMA-affected wheat aleurone layersMrva, K.; Blesing, M.; Mares, D.; Cereals 2003 (53rd : 2003 : Glenelg, South Australia)
1995The challenge of self-assessment - how can it work?Wetherell, J.; Mullins, Gerald Patrick
2002Characterisation of a synthesised fluorescent ligand (4-acridinol-1-sulphonic acid) using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyBos, R.; Barnett, N.; Dyson, G.; Russell, R.
2013A characterisation of the planes meeting a non-singular quadric of PG(4,Q) in a conicButler, D.
2009Christopher Koch : crossing sea wallsHabel, C.
2010Coals to Newcastle or glittering gold? Which idioms need to be included in an English learner's dictionary in Australia?Miller, J.; EURALEX International Congress (14th : 2010 : Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)
2014Coefficient of friction measured from nano- to macro-normal loads on plasma sprayed nanostructured cermet coatingsBasak, A.; Celis, J.; Vardavoulias, M.; Matteazzi, P.
1996A collaborating colleague model for inducting international engineering students into the language and culture of a foreign research environmentMcGowan, U.; Seton, J.; Cargill, M.
2009Collaborating equals: Engaging faculties through teaching-led researchVelautham, L.; Picard, M.
2006Collaborative discourse and power in an entreprenurial skills program for undergraduatesYong, E.
2004A Community of Inquiry evaluation of Mekong e-Sim: an online collaborative simulationBaron, Judith Ann; Holger, Molger; International Conference on Educational Technology (2004 : Singapore)
2006Complementary Epistemologies of Science Teaching: Towards an Integral PerspectiveWillison, J.; Taylor, P.
2015Concentration of particulate platinum-group minerals during magma emplacement; a case study from the Merensky Reef, Bushveld ComplexHutchinson, D.; Foster, J.; Prichard, H.; Gilbert, S.
2004Considerations in the planning of academic staff development activities: client viewsCrisp, G.; Santhanam, E.; Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Conference (27th : 2004 : Miri, Sarawak)
2017Construction of 2D lateral pseudoheterostructures by strain engineeringFeng, H.; Zhuang, J.; Slattery, A.; Wang, L.; Xu, Z.; Xu, X.; Mitchell, D.; Zheng, T.; Li, S.; Higgins, M.; Ren, L.; Sun, Z.; Dou, S.; Du, Y.; Hao, W.