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1992The flow field within an axi-symmetric nozzle utilising a large abrupt expansionNathan, G.; Luxton, R.; International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics (1st : 1991 : Chengdu, China)
1992New silk roads : East Asia and world textile marketsAnderson, K.
1992Head injury in car occupants: report on a pilot studyPaix, B.; Blumbergs, P.; Kloeden, C.; McLean, J.; Ryan, G.; Scott, G.; Simpson, D.
1992Usual drinking behaviour of injured male drivers and riders: a comparison between those with zero and high blood alcohol concentrationsHolubowycz, O.; Kloeden, C.; McLean, J.; International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) (12th : 1992 : Cologne, Germany)
1992Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF): one of a family of epithelial cell-derived cytokines in the preimplantation uterusRobertson, S.; Seamark, R.
1992Geostatistical ore reserve estimation: a case study in a disseminated nickel depositDowd, P.
1992An excursion guide to arid zone soils and landscapes north of Port Augusta, South AustraliaWright, M.; Milnes, A.; Raven, M.; Merry, R.; National Soils Conference (19 Apr 1992 - 23 Apr 1992 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1992Genetic algorithms applied to structural engineering problemsSchmid, L.; Sved, G.; Simpson, A.; Phua, K.H.; Wang, C.M.; Yeong, W.Y.; Leong, T.Y.; Loh, H.T.; Tan, K.C.; Chou, F.S.
Jul-1992Library News 14.1-
1992The Glass Industry of Pella and the DecapolisO'Hea, M.; ARAM International Conference (3rd : 1992 : Oxford, U.K.)