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2018Experiments and dimensional analysis of contaminated clay soilsSoltani, A.; Estabragh, A.; Taheri, A.; Deng, A.; Meegoda, J.
2020Energy landscape mapping and replica exchange molecular dynamics of an adsorbed peptideRoss-Naylor, J.A.; Mijajlovic, M.; Biggs, M.J.
2019Crosstalk between Dpp and Tor signaling coordinates autophagy-dependent midgut degradationDenton, D.; Xu, T.; Dayan, S.; Nicolson, S.; Kumar, S.
2020Contributions of multiple built environment features to 10-year change in body mass index and waist circumference in a south australian middle-aged cohortCarroll, S.; Dale, M.; Taylor, A.; Daniel, M.
2020Visions of waterRoulière, Camille
2020A multi-environmental tracer study to determine groundwater residence times and recharge in a structurally complex multi-aquifer systemWilske, C.; Suckow, A.; Mallast, U.; Meier, C.; Merchel, S.; Merkel, B.; Pavetich, S.; Rödiger, T.; Rugel, G.; Sachse, A.; Weise, S.; Siebert, C.
2018Geographic and temporal variations in turbulent heat loss from lakes: a global analysis across 45 lakesWoolway, R.; Verburg, P.; Lenters, J.; Merchant, C.; Hamilton, D.; Brookes, J.; de Eyto, E.; Kelly, S.; Healey, N.; Hook, S.; Laas, A.; Pierson, D.; Rusak, J.; Kuha, J.; Karjalainen, J.; Kallio, K.; Lepistö, A.; Jones, I.
2020Effect of the proton-pump Inhibitor pantoprazole on MycoPhenolic ACid exposure in kidney and liver transplant recipienTs (IMPACT study): a randomized trialSunderland, A.; Russ, G.; Sallustio, B.; Cervelli, M.; Joyce, D.; Ooi, E.; Jeffrey, G.; Boudville, N.; Chakera, A.; Dogra, G.; Chan, D.; Wong, G.; Lim, W.
2020Indigenous enlistment in the Australia Imperial ForceCaines, Rachel