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2008T cell receptor-mediated signaling induces GRP78 expression in T cells: The implications in maintaining T cell viabilityTakano, S.; Ando, T.; Hiramatsu, N.; Kanayama, A.; Maekawa, S.; Ohnuma, Y.; Enomoto, N.; Ogawa, H.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Kitamura, M.; Nakao, A.
2008T Cell Responses to Whole SARS Coronavirus in HumansLi, C.; Wu, H.; Yan, H.; Ma, S.; Wang, L.; Zhang, M.; Tang, X.; Temperton, N.; Weiss, R.; Brenchley, J.; Douek, D.; Mongkolsapaya, J.; Tran, H.; Lin, C.L.; Screaton, G.; Hou, J.; McMichael, A.; Xu, X.
2010T Cell-mediated biliary epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in liver allograft rejectionRygiel, K.; Robertson, H.; Willet, J.; Brain, J.; Burt, A.; Jones, D.; Kirby, J.
2009't Hooft-Polyakov monopoles in lattice SU(N)+ adjoint Higgs theoryEdwards, S.; Mehta, D.; Rajantie, A.; Von Smekal, L.
2016T wave amplitude correction of QT interval variability for improved repolarization lability measurementSchmidt, M.; Baumert, M.; Malberg, H.; Zaunseder, S.
1995T-cell cytokines in malaria : their role in the regulation of neutrophil- and macrophage- mediated killing of Plasmodium falciparum asexual blood formsKumaratilake, L.; Ferrante, A.
2011T-cell immune responses to Wilms tumor 1 protein in myelodysplasia responsive to immunosuppressive therapySloand, E.; Melenhorst, J.; Tucker, Z.; Pfannes, L.; Brenchley, J.; Yong, A.; Visconte, V.; Wu, C.; Gostick, E.; Scheinberg, P.; Olnes, M.; Douek, D.; Price, D.; Barrett, A.; Young, N.
2016T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia in the lower eyelidSia, P.; Figueira, E.; Kuss, B.; Craig, J.; Selva, D.
2006T-cell recognition of a prostate specific antigen is not sufficient to induce prostate tissue destructionLees, J.; Charbonneau, B.; Hayball, J.; Diener, K.; Brown, M.; Matusik, R.; Cohen, M.; Ratliff, T.
2021T-duality and the exotic chiral de Rham complexLinshaw, A.; Varghese, M.
2009T-duality as a duality of loop group bundlesBouwknegt, P.; Varghese, M.
2014T-duality for circle bundles via noncommutative geometryMathai, V.; Rosenberg, J.
2004T-duality for principal torus bundlesBouwknegt, P.; Hannabuss, K.; Varghese, M.
2005T-duality for principal torus bundles and dimensionally reduced Gysin sequencesBouwknegt, P.; Hannabuss, K.; Varghese, M.
2005T-duality for torus bundles with H-fluxes via noncommutative topologyVarghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.
2006T-duality for torus bundles with H-fluxes via noncommutative topology, II: the high-dimensional case and the T-duality groupVarghese, M.; Rosenberg, J.
2018T-duality in an H-Flux: exchange of momentum and windingHan, F.; Mathai, V.
2007T-Duality in type II string theory via noncommutative geometry and beyondVarghese, M.
2012T-duality of current algebras and their quantizationHekmati, P.; Varghese, M.; Aldana, C.L.; Braverman, M.; Lochum, B.; Jimenez, C.N.
2018T-duality of singular spacetime compactifications in an H-fluxLinshaw, A.; Mathai, V.