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2017R package ASMap: efficient genetic linkage map construction and diagnosisTaylor, J.; Butler, D.
2011R package wgaim: QTL analysis in bi-parental populations using linear mixed modelsTaylor, J.; Verbyla, A.
2015R&D intensity, cross-border strategic alliances, and valuation effectsOwen, S.; Yawson, A.
2011R&D studies for very high energy gamma-ray astrophysics at energies greater than 10 TeVYoshikoshi, T.; Clay, R.W.; Dawson, B.R.; Matsubara, Y.; Mori, M.; Naito, T.; Nishijima, K.; Ohishi, M.; Rowell, G.P.; Toyama, T.; 32nd International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC) (11 Aug 2011 - 18 Aug 2011 : Beijing, China)
2010(R)- and (S)-methadone and buprenorphine concentration ratios in maternal and umbilical cord plasma following chronic maintenance dosing in pregnancyGordon, A.; Lopatko, O.; Somogyi, A.; Foster, D.; White, J.
2009(R)-(3-Amino-2-fluoropropyl) Phosphinic Acid (AZD3355), a Novel GABA(B) Receptor Agonist, Inhibits Transient Lower Esophageal Sphincter Relaxation through a Peripheral Mode of ActionLehmann, A.; Antonsson, M.; Holmberg, A.; Blackshaw, L.; Branden, L.; Brauner-Osborne, H.; Christiansen, B.; Dent, J.; Elebring, T.; Jacobson, B.; Jensen, J.; Mattsson, J.; Nilsson, K.; Oja, S.; Page, A.; Saransaari, P.; von Unge, S.
2006R-Estimator of location of the generalized secant hyperbolic distributionKravchuk, O.
2005R. A. Fisher's life and death in Australia, 1959-1962Ludbrook, J.
1984R.W. Crandall and L.B. Lave (eds).: The Scientific Basis of Health and Safety RegulationSomers, R.
2005R120G αB-crystallin promotes the unfolding of reduced α-lactalbumin and is inherently unstableTreweek, T.; Rekas, A.; Lindner, R.; Walker, M.; Aquilina, J.; Robinson, C.; Horwitz, J.; Perng, M.; Quinlan, R.; Carver, J.
2004R3-Survey of traumatic brain injury management in European Brain IT centres year 2001Enblad, P.; Nilsson, P.; Chambers, I.; Citerio, G.; Fiddes, H.; Howells, T.; Kiening, K.; Ragauskas, A.; Sahuquillo, J.; Yau, Y.; Contant, C.; Piper, I.
2020Rab-dependent vesicular traffic affects female gametophyte development in ArabidopsisRojek, J.; Tucker, M.R.; Pinto, S.C.; Rychłowski, M.; Lichocka, M.; Soukupova, H.; Nowakowska, J.; Bohdanowicz, J.; Surmacz, G.; Gutkowska, M.
2012RAB-like 2 has an essential role in male fertility, sperm intra-flagellar transport, and tail assemblyLo, J.; Jamsai, D.; O'Connor, A.; Borg, C.; Clark, B.; Whisstock, J.; Field, M.; Adams, V.; Ishikawa, T.; Aitken, R.; Whittle, B.; Goodnow, C.; Ormandy, C.; O'Bryan, M.; Dutcher, S.
2013RAB40AL loss-of-function mutation does not cause X-linked intellectual disabilityKalscheuer, V.; Iqbal, Z.; Hu, H.; Haas, S.; Shaw, M.; Lebrun, N.; Seemanova, E.; Voesenek, K.; Hobson, L.; Ropers, H.H.; Townshend, S.; Raynaud, M.; van Bokhoven, H.; Riazuddin, S.; Chelly, J.; Gecz, J.
2012Rabbit haemorrhagic disease: Applying Occam's Razor to competing hypothesesPeacock, D.; Mutze, G.; Sinclair, R.; Kovaliski, J.; Cooke, B.
2014Rabbit haemorrhagic disease: virus persistence and adaptation in AustraliaSchwensow, N.; Cooke, B.; Kovaliski, J.; Sinclair, R.; Peacock, D.; Fickel, J.; Sommer, S.
2004Rabbit-proof fence, relational ecologies and the commodification of indigenous experiencePotter, E.; Schaffer, K.
2016RABL2 is required for hepatic fatty acid homeostasis and its dysfunction leads to steatosis and a diabetes-like stateLo, J.; O'Connor, A.; Andrews, Z.; Lo, C.; Tiganis, T.; Watt, M.; O'Bryan, M.
2002Rac2-deficient mice display perturbed T-cell distribution and chemotaxis, but only minor abnormalities in TH1 responsesCroker, B.; Handman, E.; Hayball, J.; Baldwin, T.; Voigt, V.; Cluse, L.; Yang, F.; Williams, D.; Roberts, A.
2012Rac2-MRC-cIII-generated ROS cause genomic instability in chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells and primitive progenitorsNieborowska-Skorska, M.; Kopinski, P.; Ray, R.; Hoser, G.; Ngaba, D.; Flis, S.; Cramer, K.; Reddy, M.; Koptyra, M.; Penserga, T.; Glodkowska-Mrowka, E.; Bolton, E.; Holyoake, T.; Eaves, C.; Cerny-Reiterer, S.; Valent, P.; Hochhaus, A.; Hughes, T.; Van der Kuip, H.; Sattler, M.; et al.