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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Old bones, shooting stars and new technologiesSenden, Tim; Bland, Phil; Long, John; Adelaide Festival Corporation
2011Old fashioned voyagingMackinnon, A. J.
Jan-2003Online journals packages-
2011Open Access - What's it all about?Barrett, Vanessa
2011Open data - access to and re-use of dataMiller, Cathy
Nov-2004Opening hours Summer vacation 2004/2005-
1995Order out of chaos : national priorities for bibliographical projects : papers from the Conference Order Out of Chaos, Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide, 1993 / edited by Gordon Abbott, Ray Choate and Elizabeth Lee.-
2013Our poisonous politicsAdelaide Festival Corporation; Watson, Don
2018Outstanding challenges in the transferability of ecological modelsYates, K.; Bouchet, P.; Caley, M.; Mengersen, K.; Randin, C.; Parnell, S.; Fielding, A.; Bamford, A.; Ban, S.; Barbosa, A.; Dormann, C.; Elith, J.; Embling, C.; Ervin, G.; Fisher, R.; Gould, S.; Graf, R.; Gregr, E.; Halpin, P.; Heikkinen, R.; et al.
Jul-1997PAL hours extended/Parliamentary publications on the WWW-
2009Phillip Adams to welcome the audience and acknowledge the Dedication to Frank FennerAdams, Phillip
21-Oct-2015Piano lessonsGoldsworthy, Anna
2009The place of work in a meaningful lifeStott Despoja, Natasha; Megalogenis, George; Blackburn, Simon
17-Nov-2016Places women makeJose, Jane; Lloyd, Megan
2009Plodding : walking into fictionConte, Steven
1996Poems and recollections of the past / by Fidelia S.T. Hill ; with an introduction by Philip Butterss.-
2011Preamble before and discussion after screening of the short film, The Kiss : based on his short story of the same nameGoldsworthy, Peter; Page, Ashlee; Humphrey, Sonya
2016Prenatal omega-3 fatty acid supplementation does not affect offspring telomere length and F2-isoprostanes at 12 years: A double blind, randomized controlled trialSee, V.; Mas, E.; Burrows, S.; O'Callaghan, N.; Fenech, M.; Prescott, S.; Beilin, L.; Huang, R.; Mori, T.
Jul-2005Preview release of ERgo - multiple database searching service-
2018Prey naïveté and the anti-predator responses of a vulnerable marsupial prey to known and novel predatorsSaxon-Mills, E.C.; Moseby, K.; Blumstein, D.T.; Letnic, M.