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2012K ₀⋅₂₅Mn₂O₄ nanofiber microclusters as high power cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteriesZhang, C.; Feng, C.; Zhang, P.; Guo, Z.; Chen, Z.; Li, S.; Liu, H.
2002k-Hefutoxin1, a novel toxin from the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes with unique structure and function - Importance of the functional diad in potassium channel selectivitySrinivasan, K.; Sivaraja, V.; Huys, I.; Sasaki, T.; Cheng, B.; Kumar, T.; Sato, K.; Tytgat, J.; Yu, C.; San, C.; Ranganathan, S.; Bowie, J.; Kini, M.; Gopalakrishnakone, P.
2003K-matrices for 2D conformal field theoriesArdonne, E.; Bouwknegt, P.; Dawson, P.
2001K-means clustering applied to texture segmentation with complex wavelet featuresNg, B.; Bouzerdoum, A.; Li, D.; International Conference on Optimization: Techniques and Applications (5th : 2001 : Hong Kong)
2011K-Ras Mediated murine epidermal tumorigenesis is dependent upon and associated with elevated Rac1 activitySamuel, M.; Lourenco, F.; Olson, M.
2008K-ras mutations and benefit from cetuximab in advanced colorectal cancerKarapetis, C.; Khambata-Ford, S.; Jonker, D.; O'Callaghan, C.; Tu, D.; Tebbutt, N.; Simes, R.; Chalchal, H.; Shapiro, J.; Robitaille, S.; Price, T.; Shepherd, L.; Au, H.; Langer, C.; Moore, M.; Zalcberg, J.
2006K-theoryVarghese, M.; Francoise, J.; Naber, G.; Tsun, T.
1999K-theory of twisted group C*-algebras and positive scalar curvatureVarghese, M.
2016Kaffir lime leaves extract inhibits biofilm formation by Streptococcus mutansKooltheat, N.; Kamuthachad, L.; Anthapanya, M.; Samakchan, N.; Sranujit, R.; Potup, P.; Ferrante, A.; Usuwanthim, K.
2006Kahn in India and the narrative of 'materials'Srivastava, A.; McMinn, T.; Stephens, D.; Basson, D.; Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand Conference (23rd : 2006 : Fremantle, W.A.)
2002Kaingani GrinkariHarris, D.; Harris, David Charles
2001Kainic acid and seizure-induced Fos in subtypes of cerebrocortical neuronsHiscock, J.; Mackenzie, L.; Medvedev, A.; Willoughby, J.
1998kakapo, a gene required for adhesion between and within cell layers in Drosophila, encodes a large cytoskeletal linker protein related to plectin and dystrophinGregory, S.L.; Brown, N.H.
2015Kalevi Aho Theremin Concerto, German Premiere.Dollman, L.
2010The Kalgoorlie Earthquake of the 20th April 2010: Preliminary damage survey outcomesEdwards, M.; Griffith, M.; Wehner, M.; Lam, N.; Corby, N.; Jakab, M.; Habili, N.; Australian Earthquake Engineering Society Conference (2010 : Perth, Western Australia)
2012Kalman filtering on greenhouse climate controlShi, P.; Luan, X.; Liu, F.; Karimi, H.; Chinese Control Conference (CCC) (25 Jul 2012 - 27 Jul 2012 : Hefei, China)
2012Kammer Ensemble: ‘English Voices’Dollman, L.
2010Kan Naoto: Symbol of a new politics in Japan?Jain, P.
2014Kane & Edgar: playing with age in filmMichell, D.; Tonkin, C.; Eate, P.; Whelehan, I.; Gwynne, J.
2006KangaroosSantich, B.