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2004Zinc protects against arsenic induced apoptosis in a neuronal cell line, measured by DEVD-caspase activityMilton, A.; Zalewski, P.; Ratnaike, R.
2010Zinc speciation in mining and smelter contaminated overbank sediments by EXAFS spectroscopyVan Damme, A.; Degryse, J.; Smolders, E.; Sarret, G.; Dewit, J.; Swennen, R.; Manceau, A.
2012Zinc speciation in proximity to phosphate application points in a lead/zinc smelter-contaminated soilBaker, L.; Pierzynski, G.; Hettiarachchi, G.; Scheckel, K.; Newville, M.
2017Zinc stress induces copper depletion in Acinetobacter baumanniiHassan, K.; Pederick, V.; Elbourne, L.; Paulsen, I.; Paton, J.; McDevitt, C.; Eijkelkamp, B.
2015Zinc supplementation alone is effective for partial amelioration of methotrexate-induced intestinal damageMusa, N.; Howarth, G.; Tran, C.
2003Zinc supplementation at the time of ethanol exposure ameliorates teratogenicity in miceCarey, L.; Coyle, P.; Philcox, J.; Rofe, A.
2007Zinc supplementation for improving pregnancy and infant outcomeMahomed, K.; Bhutta, Z.; Middleton, P.
2012Zinc supplementation for improving pregnancy and infant outcomeMori, R.; Ota, E.; Middleton, P.; Tobe-Gai, R.; Mahomed, K.; Bhutta, Z.
2015Zinc supplementation for improving pregnancy and infant outcomeOta, E.; Mori, R.; Middleton, P.F.; Tobe-Gai, R.; Mahomed, K.; Miyazaki, C.; Bhutta, Z.A.
2015Zinc supplementation influences genomic stability biomarkers, antioxidant activity and zinc transporter genes in an elderly Australian population with low zinc statusSharif, R.; Thomas, P.; Zalewski, P.; Fenech, M.
2007Zinc toxicity to nitrification in soil and soilless culture can be predicted with the same biotic ligand modelMertens, J.; Degryse, J.; Springael, D.; Smolders, E.
2015Zinc transporters in the endocrine pancreasBosco, M.; Drogemuller, C.; Zalewski, P.; Coates, P.; Islam, M.
2003Zinc treatment prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced teratogenicity in miceCarey, L.; Berbee, P.; Coyle, P.; Philcox, J.; Rofe, A.
1996Zinc(II) and copper(II) complexes of pentacoordinating (N4S) ligands with flexible pyrazolyl arms: syntheses, structure, and redox and spectroscopic propertiesBhattacharyya, S.; Kumar, S.; Dutta, S.; Tiekink, E.; Chaudhury, M.
2019Zinc-binding to the cytoplasmic PAS domain regulates the essential WalK histidine kinase of Staphylococcus aureusMonk, I.R.; Shaikh, N.; Begg, S.L.; Gajdiss, M.; Sharkey, L.K.R.; Lee, J.Y.H.; Pidot, S.J.; Seemann, T.; Kuiper, M.; Winnen, B.; Hvorup, R.; Collins, B.M.; Bierbaum, G.; Udagedara, S.R.; Morey, J.R.; Pulyani, N.; Howden, B.P.; Maher, M.J.; McDevitt, C.A.; King, G.F.; et al.
2015Zinc-Fortified Oral Rehydration Solution Improved Intestinal Permeability and Small Intestinal Mucosal RecoveryTran, C.; Hawkes, J.; Graham, R.; Kitchen, J.; Symonds, E.; Davidson, G.; Butler, R.
2013Zinc-rich inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) as regulatory factors in the epithelium of normal and inflamed airwaysRoscioli, E.; Hamon, R.; Lester, S.; Murgia, C.; Grant, J.; Zalewski, P.
2000Zinquin Ester - A reagent for the investigation of the role of available Zn(II) in living systemsWard, A.; Lincoln, S.; Betts, W.; Zalewski, P.; Forbes, I.; Mahadevan, I.; Kimber, M.; Hendrickson, K.; Roussel, A.; Anderson, R.; Favrier, A.
2008Zipped trousers, crossed legs, and magical thinking - Sex education in the age of AIDSSendziuk, P.
2012Zircon ages and Hf isotopic systematics reveal vestiges of Mesoproterozoic to Archaean crust within the late Neoproterozoic-Cambrian high-grade terrain of southernmost IndiaKröner, A.; Santosh, M.; Wong, J.