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2013Zentai and the troubles of extraditionStubbs, M.
2018Zeonex-based asymmetrical terahertz photonic crystal fiber for multichannel communication and polarization maintaining applicationsIslam, M.S.; Sultana, J.; Dinovitser, A.; Faisal, M.; Islam, M.R.; Ng, B.W.-H.; Abbott, D.
2013Zero-energy fields on complex projective spaceEastwood, M.; Goldschmidt, H.
2001Zero-energy p- -D scattering: precise determination of the pN scattering lengths and of the charged coupling constantLoiseau, B.; Ericson, T.; Thomas, A.
2008Zero-IF receivers for phased array radarsTrinkle, M.; Li, J.; International Conference on Radar (2008 : Adelaide, Australia)
2006Zero-stiffness magnetic springs for active vibration isolationRobertson, W.; Wood, R.; Cazzolato, B.; Zander, A.; Kidner, M.; Howard, C.; International Symposium on Active Noise and Vibration Control (6th : 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2019Zhang's guidelines vs WHO guidelines for diagnosing labour dystociaKroushev, A.; Rolnik, D.; Mol, B.
1995Zhengce gaige dui Zhongguo nongye he maoyi de yingxiangFindlay, C.; Watson, A.; Martin, W.
2016ZIF-8 derived carbon (C-ZIF) as a bifunctional electron acceptor and HER cocatalyst for g-C₃ N₄ : construction of a metal-free, all carbon-based photocatalytic system for efficient hydrogen evolutionHe, F.; Chen, G.; Zhou, Y.; Yu, Y.; Li, L.; Hao, S.; Liu, B.
2007Zigzag and spiral configurations for fullerenes in carbon nanotubesBaowan, D.; Thamwattana, N.; Hill, J.
2009Zigzag carbon nanotubes with generic electron-electron interactionsBunder, J.; Hill, J.
2001Zinc (Zn)-phosphorus (P) interactions in two cultivars of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) differing in P uptake efficiencyZhu, Y.; Smith, S.; Smith, F.
2006Zinc and its specific transporters as potential targets in airway diseaseMurgia, C.; Lang, C.; TruongTran, A.; Grosser, D.; Jayaram, L.; Ruffin, R.; Perozzi, G.; Zalewski, P.
2011Zinc and zinc transporter regulation in pancreatic islets and the potential role of zinc in islet transplantationBosco, M.; Mohanasundaram, D.; Drogemuller, C.; Lang, C.; Zalewski, P.; Coates, P.
2014Zinc and zinc transporters in macrophages and their roles in efferocytosis in COPDHamon, R.; Homan, C.; Tran, H.; Mukaro, V.; Lester, S.; Roscioli, E.; Bosco, M.; Murgia, C.; Ackland, M.; Jersmann, H.; Lang, C.; Zalewski, P.; Hodge, S.
2012Zinc biofortification of rice in China: a simulation of zinc intake with different dietary patternsQin, Y.; Melse-Boonstra, A.; Yuan, B.; Pan, X.; Dai, Y.; Zhou, M.; Wegmueller, R.; Zhao, J.; Kok, F.; Shi, Z.
2015Zinc complexation in chloride-rich hydrothermal fluids (25-600°C): a thermodynamic model derived from ab initio molecular dynamicsMei, Y.; Sherman, D.; Liu, W.; Etschmann, B.; Testemale, D.; Brugger, J.
2017Zinc deficiency as a codeterminant for airway epithelial barrier dysfunction in an ex vivo model of COPDRoscioli, E.; Jersmann, H.; Lester, S.; Badiei, A.; Fon, A.; Zalewski, P.; Hodge, S.
2012Zinc deficiency or excess within the physiological range increases genome instability and cytotoxicity, respectively, in human oral keratinocyte cellsSharif, R.; Thomas, P.; Zalewski, P.; Fenech, M.
2000Zinc deficiency up-regulates expression of high-affinity phosphate transporter genes in both phosphate-sufficient and -deficient barley rootsHuang, C.; Barker, S.; Langridge, P.; Smith, F.; Graham, R.