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200560GHz radios: enabling next-generation wireless applicationsHowarth, J.; Lauterbach, A.; Boers, M.; Davis, L.; Parker, A.; Harrison, J.; Rathmell, J.; Batty, M.; Cowley, W.; Burnet, C.; Hall, L.; Abbott, D.; Weste, N.; TENCON (2005 : Melbourne, Australia)
201665 years of meteor radar research at AdelaideReid, I.; Younger, J.; Roggemans, A.; Roggemans, P.; 35th International Meteor Conference (ICM 2016) (2 Jun 2016 - 5 Jun 2016 : Egmond, the Netherland)
20136p.24 microdeletion involving TFAP2A without classic features of branchio-oculo-facial syndromeLeblanc, S.; Yu, S.; Barnett, C.
200175+ health assessmentsNewbury, J.; Marley, J.
2016750 GeV diphoton resonance from singlets in an exceptional supersymmetric standard modelKing, S.; Nevzorov, R.
20057th Australasian Piano Pedagogy ConferenceSmith, R.; Smith, Rodney Leon
20048 prenylnaringenin novel phytoestrogen, inhibits angiogenesis in vitro and vivo.Pepper, M.; Hazel, S.; Humpel, M.; Schleuning, W.
20178. Scientists publishing research in English from Indonesia: Analysing outcomes of a training intervention to inform institutional actionCargill, M.; O'connor, P.; Raffiudin, R.; Sukarno, N.; Juliandi, B.; Rusmana, I.
2004802.11 wireless network extended service set modelSudarev, J.; White, L.; International Workshop on Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks (2004 : Oulu, Finland)
2009802.11 WLAN OWPT Measurement Algorithms and Simulations for Indoor LocalizationWang, X.; Lu, T.-F.
200585 W Tm³⁺-doped silica fibre laserFrith, G.; Lancaster, D.; Jackson, S.
200585W Tm³⁺-doped 2μm fibre laser pumped at 793nm.Frith, G.; Lancaster, D.; Jackson, S.; Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting (2005 : Sydney, NSW)
20099 Inventions for string orchestraPolglase, J.; Polglase, John Drew
20189- and 13-HODE regulate fatty acid binding protein-4 in human macrophages, but does not involve HODE/GPR132 axis in PPAR-γ regulation of FABP4Vangaveti, V.; Shashidhar, V.; Collier, F.; Hodge, J.; Rush, C.; Malabu, U.; Baune, B.; Kennedy, R.
20099-Month Clinical, Angiographic, and Intravascular Ultrasound Results of a Prospective Evaluation of the Axxess Self-Expanding Biolimus A9-Eluting Stent in Coronary Bifurcation Lesions: The DIVERGE (Drug-Eluting Stent Intervention for Treating Side Branches Effectively) StudyVerheye, S.; Agostoni, P.; Dubois, C.; Dens, J.; Ormiston, J.; Worthley, S.; Trauthen, B.; Hasegawa, T.; Koo, B.; Fitzgerald, P.; Mehran, R.; Lansky, A.
20179.4 T MR microscopy of the substantia nigra with pathological validation in controls and diseaseMassey, L.A.; Miranda, M.A.; Al-Helli, O.; Parkes, H.G.; Thornton, J.S.; So, P.W.; White, M.J.; Mancini, L.; Strand, C.; Holton, J.; Lees, A.J.; Revesz, T.; Yousry, T.A.
20199.6 million links in source code comments: purpose, evolution, and decayHata, H.; Treude, C.; Kula, R.; Ishio, T.; IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) (25 May 2019 - 31 May 2019 : Montreal, Canada)
200399mTc-alafosfalin: an antibiotic peptide infection imaging agentTsopelas, C.; Penglis, S.; Ruszkiewicz, A.; Bartholomeusz, F.
200699mTc-Evans blue dye for mapping contiguous lymph node sequences and discriminating the sentinel lymph node in an ovine modelTsopelas, C.; Bevington, E.; Kollias, J.; Shibli, S.; Farshid, G.; Coventry, B.; Chatterton, B.
2018A review of family provision laws in South Australia: Distinguishing between the deserving and undeservingPlater, D.; Villios, S.