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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2006Requirements: ULSA demeritsBrown, Ian; University Libraries South Australia
30-Oct-2006Restricting access to websites for walk in usersWallis, Corey
2008Rock star : the story of Reg SpriggWeidenbach, Kristin
26-Apr-2006Running Voyager in Multi-Server ModeThomas, Steve
2018Salt CreekTreloar, Lucy
2013Saving life or prolonging death?Corke, Charlie
2009Simon Vandenbergh : 18th century radical publisherGreen, Judy
2012Sleeping beauties awake : towards the establishment of revival linguisticsZuckermann, Ghil'ad; Owen, Siobhan
2011The spirit of knowledge: a social history of the University of Adelaide, North Terrace campusLinn, R.
2009Stella Miles Franklin : the South Australian dimensionRoe, Jill
2013The stories behind Beatriz’s WarPires, Lurdes; Tolentino, Irim; Acquisto, Luigi; Adelaide Festival Corporation
2011A tale of two citiesLiddell, Faith; Anthoney, Christie
2009Talking in Tongues – the hopes and fears of interfaith dialogueWebb, Val; Bouma, Gary; Hussein, Shikara
2006The teaching librarian: ESL and the academic libraryMariner, Fiona; ALIA Biennial Conference (2006 : Perth Convention Centre)
2007Thea Astley's brilliant careerSheridan, Susan, 1944-
2011Topics in South African literatureDriver, Dorothy Jane
10-Sep-2015Trading placesHarcourt, Tim
2015TRAF2 regulates peripheral CD8⁺ T-cell and NKT-cell homeostasis by modulating sensitivity to IL-15Villanueva, J.; Malle, E.; Gardam, S.; Silveira, P.; Zammit, N.; Walters, S.; Brink, R.; Grey, S.
2019Translational offsetting as a mode of estrogen receptor α-dependent regulation of gene expressionLorent, J.; Kusnadi, E.P.; van Hoef, V.; Rebello, R.J.; Leibovitch, M.; Ristau, J.; Chen, S.; Lawrence, M.G.; Szkop, K.J.; Samreen, B.; Balanathan, P.; Rapino, F.; Close, P.; Bukczynska, P.; Scharmann, K.; Takizawa, I.; Risbridger, G.P.; Selth, L.A.; Leidel, S.A.; Lin, Q.; et al.
2009Trick or Treatment? Alternative medicine on trialSingh, Simon