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2021Making researchers' lives easier and managing risk at the University of Adelaide: The research data projectWilliams, A.; O'Connor, M.
2020Visions of waterRoulière, Camille
2020Indigenous enlistment in the Australia Imperial ForceCaines, Rachel
2020Lessons learned from a periodontal intervention to reduce progression of chronic kidney disease among Aboriginal AustraliansJamieson, L.M.; Sajiv, C.; Cass, A.; Maple-Brown, L.J.; Skilton, M.R.; Kapellas, K.; Pawar, B.; Arrow, P.; Askie, L.M.; Hoy, W.; Harris, D.; Brown, A.; Hughes, J.T.
2020Feature-based diversity optimization for problem instance classificationGao, W.; Nallaperuma, S.; Neumann, F.
2020Nonlinear guided wave mixing in pipes for detection of material nonlinearityYeung, C.; Ng, C.T.
2020Operation of the ATLAS trigger system in Run 2Aad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abbott, D.C.; Abud, A.A.; Abeling, K.; Abhayasinghe, D.K.; Abidi, S.H.; AbouZeid, O.S.; Abraham, N.L.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abulaiti, Y.; Acharya, B.S.; Achkar, B.; Adam, L.; Bourdarios, C.A.; Adamczyk, L.; Adamek, L.; Adelman, J.; Adersberger, M.; et al.
2020Transcranial low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation induces neuronal autophagyHuang, X.; Niu, L.; Meng, L.; Lin, Z.; Zhou, W.; Liu, X.; Huang, J.; Abbott, D.; Zheng, H.
2019Stardust and Golden: Doug McEachern on his novel Stardust and GoldenMcEachern, Doug
2019The People's Poet transformed: Geoff Goodfellow in conversation with Garry CostelloGoodfellow, Geoff
2019The Kaurna children's letters to the Dresden Mission Society (1840-1843): their significance and backgroundAmery, Rob
2019Crosstalk between Dpp and Tor signaling coordinates autophagy-dependent midgut degradationDenton, D.; Xu, T.; Dayan, S.; Nicolson, S.; Kumar, S.
2018Miss Mabel Marryat MBE and the league of loyal womenWilliss, Cheryl
2018Have book will travel : mapping provenance in Rare Books & Special CollectionsLarsen, Marie
2018Nancy AtkinsonMcEwin, Emma
2018The boys from St FrancisMallett, Ashley
2018Salt CreekTreloar, Lucy
2018The letters of Sarah Elizabeth Jackson (1910-1922)Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth; Wall, Barbara
2018The Adelaide Dental School 1917 To 2017Rogers, J.; Townsend, G.; Brown, T.
2018Augustus Short: the early years of a modern educator 1802-1847Whiting, M.