Number 7 -- July 1995


CD-ROM Network Launch

On Friday 5 May the Vice Chancellor, Gavin Brown, officially launched the Library's CD-ROM network service in the Ira Raymond Exhibition Room. This joint project between the Library and the University's Information Technology Division has been assisted by quality audit funding.
The core of the Library's reference collection of major indexing service is now readily available to staff and students in libraries, offices and laboratories at the North Terrace, Roseworthy, Thebarton and Waite Campuses, and in some teaching hospitals.
Approximately 80 CD-ROM databases have been networked using two servers. Dial-up modem access is not possible at present and some services are limited to PC users.
Ask your Subject Librarian or Branch Librarian for more information.

New on the Library Information Service (LIS)

Australian Government Sources on the Internet

The Australian government has recently established a number of Web pages. The main one is available from the Library Information Service or at URL


The Parliament of Australia is making resources available on the Internet on a trial basis, offering public access to debates and records of the House of Representatives and the Senate, and biographical information about members.
The service can be accessed from the Library Information Service or at URL
Selections from the 1995 Australian Commonwealth Government Budget are also available via the Library Information Service or URL 95.html.

Community Information Network

The Community Information Network was announced as part of the Commonwealth Government's White Paper on Employment and Growth, Working Nation. It is a pilot information and communication network that links individuals, groups and organisations. The Network is being pilot tested and evaluated to determine its impact on living standards. Have a look at the Community Information Network on URL

ABS Time Series on AARNet Service

The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) has negotiated access for University users to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Time Series. The service comprises over 90 000 time series and data from many of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' most important publications, as well as data from the Reserve Bank.
Access via the LIS home page is from Services available through the Internet under Other services.
All university staff and students who have network access may use the service for educational and research purposes, but not for commercial activity.
A spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel is necessary to obtain the data from this service.

Style Guides

A Style Guide gopher from the University of Illinois is now accessible on the LIS under the heading Information Resources at the University of Adelaide. This service is available both from the in-Library-via-the-computer catalogue ‘student' version and the via-the-network ‘staff' version. Search the Library Information Service by Keywords If you access the LIS from your own workstation, you can now search the LIS by keywords - see the Library's home page for details. This service can be used only from a forms-capable browser.

New CD-ROM Services

Several new CD-ROM services have been acquired recently.
They are all available from the Electronic databases terminals behind the Barr Smith Library's Information desk, and some are also available on the University's network.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Index

Includes details of British Parliamentary papers from the beginning of the 1991/92 session.

Palmer's Index to The Times

Being published in two instalments. The first release covers 1790-1850; the second instalment will include 1790-1905.
A useful index for quickly tracing contemporary descriptions of, for example, the Battle of Waterloo, the establishment of the Swan River Colony, or George Washington's funeral.

PCI (Periodicals Contents Index)

This retrospective service covers journals in the social sciences and humanities. The discs received so far include North American and European journals published mainly this century, before 1961.
When complete, it is expected that the service will cover the contents of some 3 500 journals from their start to 1990.

Oxford English Dictionary

The CD-ROM is equivalent to the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary and includes more than 600 000 English language words. This service is available on the CD-ROM network (PC users only).

OSHROM (Occupational Safety and Health)

A subscription to OSHROM has been jointly funded by the Department of Community Medicine, the Library and the Registry. It is available to network users and includes four occupational health and safety databases covering U.S., U.K. and international occupational health and safety literature.

Bibliographic CD-ROM databases

There are several bibliographic databases which are available for use in the Library and which are now also available to PC users on the CD-ROM network.

Global Books in Print Plus

Contains records for more than 2 million English language books published world wide.

CDMARC Bibliographic

Published by the U.S. Library of Congress, CDMARC Bibliographic includes bibliographic information about more than 4 million books published world wide. Coverage of English language books is from 1968 and other languages, including French and German, are covered from the mid 1970s.

Serials in Australian Libraries (NUCOS on disc)

Lists more than 300 000 journal titles held in the approximately 600 libraries which contribute records to the national bibliographic database at the National Library of Australia. It is a very valuable tool for determining the location of a particular journal titles; most University and State libraries and many Special libraries have their holdings listed. Other sources of information about current books are available on the Internet. The Publishers' Catalogues home page is available from the Library Information Service or directly at URL The Internet Book Shop at URL allows users to find bibliographic information about books, and to place orders online.

Extended hours of opening Monday 29 May to Sunday 25 June

The Barr Smith Library will be open longer for four weeks at the end of Semester 1.
Monday to Thursday  10 pm - 12 midnight (= Library open 8 am - midnight) 
					- Level 3 South open for study only.
Saturday to Sunday 9 am - 1 pm (= Library open 9 am - 5pm)
					- all areas open for study. No loans until 1:00pm

Library Budget - 1995

The Library received some additional recurrent funding in the 1995 budget and it was decided to use this funding to support two major objectives:
The imbalance between book and journal acquisition is being redressed. By 1994 journal subscription expenditure had increased to use more than 73% of the acquisitions funds. The research funds for purchasing backsets of research material collections and major expensive publications is being augmented.
Faculties and Departments have been asked to reduce their journal subscriptions by an amount equivalent to their journal increases over the past year to make an overall saving of $360 000. By negotiation they can convert part of their book fund allocation to support subscriptions but this will normally be for only one year.
Ray Choate

New Waite Library

On 21 February the Governor of South Australia, Dame Roma Mitchell, officially opened the Woolhouse Library building, in the presence of 150 guests. The building houses the separate libraries of the University of Adelaide's Waite Campus, the CSIRO Division of Soils and the Australian Wine Research Institute.
From January until the official opening day Waite Campus Library staff were extremely busy moving into the new building and at the same time integrating its collections with those from the Primary Industries (SA) Library.
For the statistically-minded, the move involved the packing and/or unpacking of more than 7 800 boxes or cartons and the integration of 19 separate collections from both libraries into three major collections of books, journals and reference items.
The Library was able to offer full services from 13 February, and commenced the registration of Primary Industries and SARDI (South Australian Research and Development Institute) borrowers.
Orientation tours are being conducted and so far more than 144 new users have been introduced to the services and resources of the Library.
A new staff member has joined the Waite Campus Library as Lending Services Supervisor. Betty Radford began duties on 6 March; her responsibilities include lending services, copying, document delivery and membership. Betty previously worked in a similar position at the Barr Smith Library.
Ellen Randva

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